With this project we intend to improve the teaching staff professional skills, increase the number of adult trainees with fewer opportunities participating in international mobility, improve the quality of projects we undertake as well as their dissemination, foster entrepreneurship in students, imbue them with autonomy, increase their motivation, responsibility, teamwork, money management, encourage students and school staff to take part in international and intercultural activities.

With this in mind, we want to learn more about training and work methods in companies from other countries and to add more value to the dimension of our project and disseminate European policies.

Also, we want to promote gender equality in training and social inclusion!

Our objectives are:

  • Improve teaching practices and learning outcomes, the personal, social and professional development of adult learners and the attractiveness of courses for disadvantaged adults.
  • Improve the digital organization of courses in terms of processes and methodologies in order to have more efficient, attractive and more eco-sustainable working practices.
  • Implement with the pedagogical teams contents and pedagogical practices organized in a blended learning format and know how to use them. Increase the attractiveness of adult education with this system.
  • Promote gender equality in training. Promote social inclusion. To frame more non-formal education practices and aggregate greater recognition of informal learning.

Flow 1 – Marín, Spain (From 13 to 19 July 2022)

Flow 2 – Heuzden-Zolder, Belgium (From 4 to 10 August 2022)

You can also participate in international mobilities! Do you accept the challenge?