Why ?

Every year, as a school and according to our curriculum, EsproMinho works with several companies and institutions to provide internship to our students. These relationships and confidence started in 1989 and since then, EsproMinho never stopped to sign cooperation protocols with new companies. This experience has also have been connected to the international projects we manage every year.
We can provide, all the year, different quality solutions for your students groups in Braga or Viana do Castelo, being aware of the satisfaction of the students and also the companies, under the Erasmus + learning quality commitments.

The internship has to last, minimum, one month. We arrange internships in almost all sectors. In certain cases, English and French are required languages.

We can provide language preparation if requested.

Why choosing us ?

It’s very simple. We are a school. We provide a friendly environment and help foreign students integrate our school. This means make new friends and be part of our activities plan: school parties, cultural and professional visits.
At EsproMinho, foreign students are not alone, they are followed by teachers and staff, every time they need.

We help you for all Erasmus+ process since the beginning of the ideia, to the time prior your departure and as soon as you arrive in Portugal. Our staff will follow and monitor all the intern’s process, progress and satisfaction providing the quality of all documentation and certification during the whole internship period.