Braga is one of the youngest cities in Europe. It was even considered in 1989 the youngest city in Europe.

It’s a actif, dynamic and energetic city. In the past 30 years, the district’s population has grown by over 25%. The district of Braga shows development and quality of life standards quite above the national average, only surpassed by the regions of Greater Porto and Greater Lisbon.

In Braga you can find unique cultural and leisure opportunities in the country, with nightlife, cinemas, theatres, exhibitions, museums, amazing shopping centers and art galleries.

You feel  culture and traditions, where history and religion coexist side by side with the technology industry and academic life.
It’s one of the oldest Portuguese cities, as well as one of the oldest Christian cities in the world. It was founded in Roman times, under the name of Bracara Augusta. It’s the Portuguese third city and the centre of the Great Metropolitan Area of Minho (GAM), totalling about 800 thousand inhabitants.