Esprominho na Europa

Esprominho – Escola Profissional do Minho is a private Vocational Training School, located in Braga – Portugal, that has initiated it is activity in 1989 but which has over 30 years of experience in providing vocational education and training. It provides level II and IV vocational training courses equivalent to the 9th and 12th grade: education and training courses adults with academic equivalence to basic and secondary levels, and finally, training courses (microcredencials) and professional development for active people. EsproMinho is also a training center for trainers.

EsproMinho is mainly funded by EU and authorized, by Portuguese Education Ministry, to develop educational and vocational training activities (dual system) for young people and adults in different training areas: Beauty care – Beautician, Hairdressing  and Manicure-Pedicure; Geriatrics, Computer Science, Commerce, Fashion Design, Tourism, Management and Accounting.

The courses confer professional certification of level II, III or IV and academic equivalence to the 9th year of schooling or 12th grade. About 600 youth and adults trainees are currently attending EsproMinho, spread over the different courses: Fashion, Information Technology, Commerce, Tourism, Beauty care, Hairdressing, Business or Events Management. About 55 people work in the school, of which 15 are non-teaching staff, including education, administrative, training in the context of work and directors.

Esprominho has been active in European mobility since the initial EU initiatives and was awarded the VET MOBILITY CHARTER (2016-1-PT01-KA109-023061) issued by the Portuguese ERASMUS+ National Agency, till 2020. In 2021, EsproMinho receive this accreditation for ka1 projects in VET and Adult fields. More recently, Esprominho has set up a department that aims to promote mobility within the European Union as a sending and receiving institution, developing a continuous activity of planning, guidance, training and support addressed to the participants on exchange programs (Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects for trainees and professionals, Erasmus internships). Esprominho has been involved in many international projects related to the Leonardo da Vinci / Socrates / Youth programs: exchanges projects.

As a host partner, Esprominho works with a selection of mobility partners from different countries. Our aim is to create chances for professional growth for the young people and adults willing to develop their professional skills on work placements or professional study visits.

As a sending institution, Esprominho promotes mobility courses in partnership under EU for the training abroad young graduates, trainees and trainers.