City of Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo

One of the most beautiful Portuguese cities, in the Minho-Lima  subregion of Northern Portugal. The Pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora da Agonia and the amazing views of the Lima River maked this city unforgettable. The city is famous for the monuments in and around the city, and the surrounding natural beauty.

The city is the capital of a municipality with 314,36 km² and has some 36.750 inhabitants. The municipality borders the municipality of Caminha in the north, the municipality of Ponte de Lima in the east, the municipalities of Barcelos ans Esposende in the south and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. The city’s origins date back to before the Christian era, as it can be seen in the hill fort near the Basilica of Santa Luzia. It received its first foral from King Afonso III of Portugal in 1258, as well as the name Viana da Foz do Lima, because of its geografical location; in 1848 it became a city by a decree of Maria II of Portugal, and received the name of Viana do Castelo.