Esprominho has been active in European mobility since the initial EU initiatives.

More recently, Esprominho has set up a department that aims to promote mobility within the European Union as a sending and receiving institution, developing a continuous activity of planning, guidance, training and support addressed to the participants on exchange programmes (Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects for trainees and professionals, Erasmus internships,…)

Esprominho has been involved in many international projects related to the Leonardo da Vinci/Socrates/Youth programmes: exchanges projects (Italy, Romenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia), work placements projects (England, Ireland, Spain, UK, Italy), Contact Making Seminars (Belgium, Estonia, Denmark, Moldova, Malta) and hosting language assistants (Norway, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Poland, Hungary).

Trainers from the institution are also encouraged to become involved in mobility through their participation in EU partnerships or courses abroad.

As a host partner, Esprominho works with a selection of mobility partners from different countries. Our aim is to create chances for professional growth for the young people and adults willing to develop their professional skills on work placements or professional study visits.

As a sending institution, Esprominho promotes mobility courses in partnership under EU for the training abroad young graduates, trainees and trainer

Our PIC NUMBER is  943462256.